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Ring Engineering was established in 1999 in Plovdiv.

We started with manufacturing automation tools - our first product is a modular PLC and an operator panel.

We have also focused on engineering new machines and replacing the management of old machines - mainly sprays and blasters. In this direction, we have developed multi-channel, universal-purpose thermoregulators as well as those with specific applications to heat PET preforms prior to their inflation. We have expanded our range of programmable controllers with mini and micro PLCs.

We have developed specialized controllers for machines for making polyethylene bags, laundry equipment, textile dyeing machines.

In the bread industry, we have made complete bread oven equipment, and we have developed a PLC with a built-in operator interface and a water-mixer.

At the same time, we started working on developing and manufacturing battery testing and accumulator devices with the Faculty of Microelectronics at the Vienna Technical University IEMW GmbH and ABR Lab, which is currently one of our leading industries.

We have carried out a complete design and manufacturing of an automotive driver control module for the Dutch company Centric up to the serial production stage.

Subsequently, we developed an amplifier for hydraulic proportional valves - initially for syringes and subsequently for mobile machines. In this field, we are continuously expanding our range of devices.

As a continuation of our multi-channel thermoregulators for the production of plastic products, we have developed the specialized thermoregulators for hot-casting molds, which are now our biggest production and pride for our company.

This is part of our history.