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Proportional valve amplifier with position feedback AMP08F


AMP08F is amplifier for control of hydraulic proportional valve with one solenoid and with electrical feedback for the position of valve spool.  By using of microprocessor the position is adjusted proportional to the input reference. The main features of AMP08F are:

  • switching power supply with a wide input voltage range
  • bright 3- digit 7-segment LED display
  • trimmers for adjustment of the offset, gain and ramps
  • digital input for enable of the amplifier
  • PID algorithm for control  of the valve spool position
  • PI algorithm for control  of the solenoid current
  • test analog output
  • alarm output
  • protection against reverse connection of the power supply
  • protection against overvoltage in the power supply
  • protection against overload and short circuit in the output
  • protection against short-circuit or break in cable to position transducer
  • internal replaceable fuse
The amplifier is suitable for control of pressure valves for machines with hydraulic drive system such as injectors, hydraulic machines and positioners and more.


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