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8 channel hot runner thermo controller HR8


HR8 is 8 channel thermo controller, designed for managing heating of matrix nozzles and channels via hot runner system.

The device has the following characteristics :

  • Flexible and convenient user interface.
    The device shows on a large illuminated LED display the temperature of each of the 8 zones of the mould. The same indicators at the push of a button may appear: the assignment of the zone, instantaneous power and the difference between the temperature and reference. To configure the parameters of the controller, the user has a comfortable 4x20 LCD display
  • Reliable protection against overheating of the mould.
    The device has a built-in contactor, which reliably disconnects the power from the heaters in case of a shorted output element. Each zone has a separate fast-burning fuse (type FF), which protects both the mold and the device in case of a shorted heater.
  • Continuous diagnostics.
    The controller monitors the temperature of each zone of the matrix and recognizes the following emergency situations: interrupted heater, triac uncontrolled, lack of thermocouple. The occurrence of such an emergency situation can lead to the exclusion of all heating zones or only be indicated by a red LED of the zone.
  • Ability to automatically attach of a zone.
    This allows during operation, in case of a failure of a thermocouple, the controller automatically begin to manage this area as another similar one zone. In this way avoids costly stop of the syringe for the repair and replacement of the thermocouple of the zone.
  • Possibility of "soft start".
    It allows heaters to dry during the initial start of the matrix in order to avoid short-circuit in case of condensation into the heater.
  • Modes "BOOST" and "STAND BY".
    By pressing one button all references for temperature of the zones can be increased / decreased. Mode "BOOST" (increase) is necessary for the initial start of the mold - short-term increase in temperature in order to unclog nozzles. Mode "STAND BY" is used when a pause in the syringe for energy savings.
Multichannel microprocessor controllers series HR8 are suitable for use primarily for moulds with 4-6 nozzles and 2-4 zones in a warm cannels. They also can be used for moulds with a large mass of a manufactured part, because each of the zones can be equipped with a heater for 3,3kW. The controllers can be used also in combination with HR16 and HR24 to manage the zones of hot runner system in the moulds with 16, 24 or more nozzles.


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