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A new kind of water dispenser

news dr12

In assignment of "Annette" firm "RING Injenering" developed a new type of dispenser- DR12. The device is used for dispensing water. The start of dosing begins by pressing the green button. The device opens the integrated valve and measures the amount of water passing. Upon reaching the assignment valve closes and stops the water. DR12 supports 30 pre-stored quantities (programs) for dosing.

New 6-channel temperature controller TR604C suitable for extruders

news tr604c

We developed a new version of our 6- channel thermo controller TR604. The new version is a 6- channel too, but has the ability to regulate the zones with heating and cooling. This makes it suitable for use in zone control of extruders. Adding output to each channel also makes it suitable for servocontroll.
Internal source of 12 VDC was added to the regulator, which is sufficient to power external SSR.
Another new feature, again in order to facilitate our customers is the use of detachable connectors for cables to the controller.
As all other devices, production of our company, the warranty period of the new temperature controller TR604C is 2 years.

Engineering of machines for printing on textile and elastic bands

news 4 mashines

Company "RING Engineering" performed engineering of 4 new machines for printing on textile bands and elastics. The order is from "Studio Griff". Control of each machine includes a programmable panel controller PK3 and controller BTR4 for the heating of a rotating wheel. Controller maintains seven recipes for different types of bands and elastics. In this machines was implemented innovative solution for measuring the temperature of a rotating wheel using a communication protocol RI485. The control of machine is simple - all movement are controlled with one pedal.

Thermo controller for 48 nozzle injection mold

news 48 kanalen

By order of "Guala closures Bulgaria" company "RING Engineering" was made 56- channel hot-runner controller for mould with 48 nozzle for the production of feed. Control is realized with two 24- channel regulators HR24 and one 8-channel regulator HR8. The three controllers are connected by communication to enable simultaneous control of all 56 channels of the matrix. All nozzle channels are for 800 W power. Zones of 8- channel controllers HR8 have a maximum power 3.5 kW.