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Mini programmable controller  МАК332


The universal controllers series MAK332 are compact, expandable logic controllers. The main feature of the series MAK332 is the ability to add additional modules as analog inputs, analog outputs, digital inputs and digital outputs. The features of the controller are:

  • Basic configuration:
    The controller has a standard 16 digital inputs and 14 digital outputs.
  • User Interface:
    The controller has 2 row 16 character LCD display with backlight , 15 buttons for data entry , 10 of which can be used for function keys. The user can use the built-in standard menu , or configure menus yourself . The function keys can be used as control buttons, which reduces the need for use of external keys. The parameters are stored in nonvolatile memory.
  • The possibility to program controller from the built-in keyboard and display:
    Through specially developed by our company language IRING user can (without using a computer) program the controller.
  • Real time clock :
    Real time clock allows the use of the controller in applications for data backup, timers and more.
  • Communication:
    MAK332 supports protocol RI485. This allows to use the device as a remote module for data collection which to be used on a computer. Communication also allows the controller to connect to other devices of the company to achieve a more powerful and flexible management..
  • Powerful, embedded protection DC outputs:
    The controller is able to be purchased in a version with power 24 V transistor outputs. Thus, each output can commutate up to 2 A current. The advantage of this option is that the outputs are protected against short, overload and overheating.
  • Extendability: MAK33 model can be extended with additional modules, thereby increasing the number of inputs and outputs that the controller can support. This allows the controller to be used for solving automation tasks with medium complexity.
  • High reliability :
    The controller has galvanically isolated inputs, outputs , communication and process parts.

The following features make the universal programmable controllers MAK33 a powerful tool for automation of small and medium-sized objects. Suitable for applications in machines for the production of plastic products, plastic bottles, packaging machines and food industry.


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