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2 channel controller BTR4


BTR4 is an unparalleled device consisting of  three of the most usable instruments in automation – thermocontroller, timer and counter. Its main features are:
- Easy to set-up and configure
The device offers a two 4-digits display which depict the value of analog input and the value of timer or counter. The set-up of parameters is made by a system of menus. All parameters are stored in non-volatile EEPROM memory.
· ON/OFF algorithm
The controller utilizes simple ON/OFF algorithm. The set value and histeresis are programmed via front panel keyboard. Possible types of analog input are thermocouple, RTD, standart voltage or current.
· timer with 3 spans and 2 modes of operation
The timer may work in two modes: ON/OFF or single shot impulse. The time interval begins with leading edge of pulse on digital input. The timers range are: 0.01 – 99.99s, 1 – 9999s and 1 – 9999min. The output is relayed to NO/NC contacts.
· 4-digit counter
The 4-digit counter has two digital inputs and one output. Depending of modes of operation the digital inputs may have different functions (counter, reset, direction). The output turns on when it reaches the earlier set value. The counter maybe reset from the keyboard.
·universal power supply
The switch-mode power supply works over a wide range of input voltage and is protected from short-duration industrial peaks.
·custom offered mode of operations
The customer may be offered any mode of operation of timer or counter with no additional cost. The only limit is the number of inputs and outputs – 3 digital inputs and 2 digital outputs for timer and counter.
· low cost
The assembling of all these devices in one package allows BTR4 to be very inexpensive.

The BTR4 is suitable for automation of packing machines, machines for chemical and feeding industries and others.


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