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Six channel thermo controller TR604


TR604 is 6 channel microprocessor-based controller for regulation of systems for heating / cooling. Its main characteristics are:
 6 channels for control
The controller allows the operation of up to 6 independent loops.
Separate indication and keys for each channel
Can simultaneously monitor the values ​​of the input parameter on the 6-channels of the regulator.
Ease of adjustment and configuration
The parameters adjustment is carried out by a hierarchy menu system. The parameters are saved in a non-volatile memory.
Universal switching power supply
Switching power supply has a wide input voltage range, making it protected from brief industrial disruptions.
Universal analog inputs
The Universal analog inputs of support TR604 6 thermocouple types, one type of thermistor and a voltage input. The type of input is set via the keyboard and does not require any change jumpers or other interventions. The analog inputs are galvanically isolated from the control part.
Two-position control with hysteresis
Each channel has an opportunity to work as a two-position controller with independent settings for the reference, type of input, etc.
PID Control Law
PID control law allows for a better control - zero error occurred while correct parameter setting. TR604 has a built-in PID controller settings for "fast" and "slow" objects.
Built-in timer for each channel (option) 
For each zone there is a possibility to turn off the regulator after a certain time.
Processing of alarm events
The built-in alarm output (one for the six channels) responds when a failure event occurs in one of the channels. This allows for the TP604 to be used as an element for a sophisticated control system.
Built-in communication (option)
Models with RS232 or RS485 and RI485 protocol allows for connection to another controller of the company, and using a computer to set up and monitor the parameters of the controller.

These characteristics make it substantially a set of six single-channel regulators in a single housing and a single power supply but at a lower cost.
The regulator is suitable for applications requiring regulation of the three to six temperature zones, e. with injectors, blast-machines, molds, hot runner systems and others.


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