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Engineering in electronics and automation

New mashines engineering

Engineering of new machines and equipment

Our company offers engineering in the field of automation of new machines. We have experience in the development and full implementation of machinery and equipment for plastic production, textile industry, bread production and more. Among our successful projects automation: machine for blowing cans, bunkers for storing caps, machines for hot printing on textile tape machines for the production of PVC film production lines for bread. We produce switchboards for your project. Thanks to our experience, you can trust us for both performance and the implemented elements.

Old mashines engineering

Replacing of the control electronic of used machinery

One of the main activities carried out by our company to replace the management of old, used machinery. We have rich experience in replacing the electronic management of syringes from different manufacturers: Engel, Battenfeld, Krup and others. Much of our developed products are used precisely in this area - the replacement of obsolete electronic equipment parts in a syringe. The 6-channel regulator TR604 can be used to control the temperature zones of the screw, amplifiers for proportional valves AMP08 / 08F - to replace outdated cards for proportional valves. We have developed also control of robots for plastic production - for taking the finished parts from the mold. We replaced control of automatic doors, syringes and expanders for Styrofoam, confectionery machines, production of boza and many others.