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Proportional Directional Valve Amplifier AMP08D


AMP08D is amplifier for controls of hydraulic proportional valve with two solenoids.  Depending on the polarity of the input reference is operated one of the two solenoids of the valve, and depending on the value of the reference is regulated current through the respective solenoid.

The main features of AMP08D are :
  • switching power supply with a wide input voltage range
  • differential analog input
  • digital input for enable of the amplifier
  • power solenoid drivers for currents up to 2,5 А
  • PWM outputs 200 Hz
  • trimmer for adjustment of the ramps from 60 ms up to 5 s
  • trimmer for adjustment of the min and max currents separately for both solenoids
  • input range deadband for control from joystick
  • protection against reverse connection of the power supply
  • protection against overvoltage in the power supply
  • protection against overload and short circuit in the outputs
  • internal replaceable fuse on power supply

There are provided 5 multiturn trimmers :
–ramp - It adjusts the length of the leading/ trailing edge of the output current to reach the reference.
For each solenoid have two trimmers for setting the current:
- Z - It adjusts the current at the minimum value of the input reference
- G - It adjusts the current at the maximum value of the input reference.
These two trimmers allow adjusting the steering zone of the valve. The output current of the amplifier is given by:
y=G.x+Z, where
y - is the output in percentages;
x - is the input in percentages;
G – is the value from trimmer G- number from 0,5 to 1
Z - is the value from trimmer Z- from 0% to 50%.

LEDs for status indication are 4:
-POW - lights when the power supply voltage is between working limits
-O1 – lights when is controlled output 1 of amplifier
-O2 – lights when is controlled output 2 of amplifier
-EN/ERR – lights green (when on terminal EN is applied voltage for enabling of the amplifier and input voltage is between ±0,1V and ±10V) or lights red (when on terminal EN the voltage is bellow min limit or input voltage is outside ±0,1V ± 10V).
AMP08D is for DIN mount and can be used to control valves up to 60W.


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