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24 channel hot runner thermo controller HR24


HR24 is a 24 channel microprocessor thermoregulator, designed for managing heaters of moulds nozzles and channels via hot runner system. It is particularly developed to obtain maximal flexibility and reliability of the system, as well as for easy and a convenient customer use. The controller has the following characteristics:

  • Management of mould zones under PID algorithm for regulating with predefined settings "nozzle" and "hot plate";
  • Possibility of placing an output modules with different power in each model, depending on user needs;
  • Initial soft start of heating for drying heatersof the matrix;
  • Possibility of automatic coupling output of one zone to another in case of temperature sensor failure;
  • Continuous diagnostics and alerts for errors in the memory, broken thermo-sensor, not heating or overheating of a zone, temperature over the limit, temperature outside specified alert or emergency limits, overheating of the output modules and device, etc;
  • Protection against damage of the outputs (a short circuit in the heaters) via fast-melting fuses for each zone;
  • Possibility for storing up to 10 settings for all parameters (recipes) for quick reset when changing the molds;
  • Protection against change of the important parameters via password on “Set-up” level;
  • Possibility of combined work with several HR thermocontrollers for accomplishing management of more zones;
  • Digital and navigating keyboard and 4-lines 20-character LCD for adjustment of the parameters;
  • Bright 3–digit, 7-segments indicator for each zone for remote control of the parameters: specification, current temperature, output power percentage, difference between preset and current temperature;
  • LEDs on each channel for indication state of the heater or error;
  • Available external digital input, adjustable as “Start/Stop, “Decrease” or “Increase” to control HR via the output of another device;
  • Very attractive price - thanks to the compact and optimum design can offer you a very competitive price in this class of thermo regulators.


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