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Dispenser for bakery with recipies DT25R


The DT25R is used to dispense a certain amount of water at a specific temperature. To do this, hot and cold water inlets are connected to the DT25R. The desired quantity and temperature are set on the device display. The dosing is done by pressing the START button, then hot and cold water successively is placed in a container (provided by the user) installed after the device. After the end of dosing, the set amount of water with the set temperature is obtained. The device can store up to 30 recipes.
Dispenser-mixer DT25R has the following characteristics:

  • possibility of easy selection of recipe

Only with two buttons on a separate indicator, the desired recipe is selected.

  • easy starting

The start of dosing takes place by pressing a single button, which facilitates the use of the device by the staff. After dosing, the device is ready to immediately perform a new dosing.

  • easy setting

Few of key presses are sufficient to set and automatically store the desired quantity and temperature of the water. The parameters are stored even if switching off the device.

  • separate indication for the volume and temperature

On two separate rows are displayed preset volume and temperature.

  • precise executionof the assignment

The device performs several successive mixing of hot and cold water for one dosing, so as to obtain an accurate execution of the assignment.

The device can perform dosing only of cold water.

The device DT 25 is used in bakeries, pastry shops etc.


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