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16 channel hot runner thermo controller HR16


HR16 is a 16 channel controller for heating of molds with hot-runner systems. The controller has the following characteristics:

  • Brightly illuminated 7 segment display, allowing remote monitoring of the following parameters for each channel: current temperature of the zone, assignment for temperature, difference between the reference and measured value and output of the zone;
  • PID control law allowing zero error of temperature control. When burning thermocouple the user is able to redirect the control of the zone to another zone or to control it manually by reference in power;
  • 4 m cables to the matrix - compensation for thermocouples and power for heaters - ending with industrial connectors;
  • Configurable up to 12 zones with 16A and up to 8 zones with 4A;
  • Continuous diagnostics for broken thermocouple, burnt (interrupted heater), uncontrolled output (continuously turned triac). Upon the occurrence of such an event the device indicates an alarm;
  • Convenient LCD display for displaying messages for any emergencies and configuration parameters. The texts indicate the specific cause of an accident, which allows easy diagnostics of a problem;
  • Levels of access to the system - 'operator' and 'set-up' allowing to specify the level of access to the parameters of the controller. The level of access 'set-up' allows identifying the date and time of each stop and start the device and encountered accidents;
  • Built-in communication, which allows the device to be extended with other devices of the series HR4 / HR8 / HR24;
  • Separate buttons for "increase" and "decrease" of temperatures of all zones of the mold simultaneously. The values with which temperatures are changing, can be set individually for each channel or all together;
  • Comfortable, located on the front panel fast fuses (type FF), protecting the thermo regulator from damage during a short circuit in the heater;
HR16 is suitable for moulds with 8-12 nozzles and 4-8 zones of cannels. The device is suitable for matrices having an average weight of the injected part.


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