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7/9 channel power controller TR604M


TR604M is a 7 or 9 channel 3 phase microprocessor based power controller working on principle of phase control of main voltage. It is suitable for heating through infra-red lamps or for applications without feedback from the process. Setpoint is maintained by measuring and compensating disturbance of main voltage and ambient temperature.

Main features

  • 9 channels control

TR604M allows control of 9 fully independent channels.

  • Maintain constant output power

After measuring voltage level on all 3 phases TR604M corrects output voltage in order to the output power stays constant.

  • Compensate variations in ambient temperature

The controller has an internal sensor for measuring ambient temperature. By setting a temperature coefficient it is possible to correct the influence of the ambient temperature over the process.

  • 220VAC analog inputs

The analog inputs on TR604M are connected directly to main voltage without external convertors.

  • Set-up of output phase

Each output is set-up on which phase is attached.

  • Separate display and push-buttons on 6 channels

This allows simultaneous monitoring of setpoint on 6 channels of TR604M.

  • Easy to set-up and configure

The setpoints are set-up by two buttons on each channel. All parameters are stored in non-volatile EEPROM memory.

  • Universal power supply

The switch-mode power supply works over a wide range of input voltage and is protected from short-duration input peaks.


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